Boxer Muhammad Waseem attains 2nd spot in WBC ranking

Boxer Muhammad Waseem attains 2nd spot in WBC |

KARACHI – Pakistani boxer Muhammad Wasem has added yet another achievement under his belt, as he attained the second spot in the World Boxing Council (WBC) rankings.

Last year, the Quetta-based Pakistani boxer successfully defended his WBC silver flyweight title after defeating a Philippines boxer.

Waseem turned pro in October last year and already has four wins, including three knockouts, on his burgeoning CV.

When asked if Magramo could become his knockout victim number four, Waseem refrained from speculating and hinted that his strategy will not be premeditated on ending the fight in a particular round.

“I can’t say I’ll knock him out in a particular round as it is not very nice. I would like to have a knockout win, but it depends on the situation during the fight. I’m very good with body shots so there will be a lot of those,” said the man nicknamed Falcon.

The 29-year-old has trained with Jeff Mayweather in Las Vegas the last few months and feels his hard work will reflect in the fight result.

“Only my coach and I know how much effort we’ve put into this. It is not easy and there is a lot of money and people involved; I ran almost 12 miles per day the last two months and went through 120 rounds of sparring,” said Waseem. “My preparation at the end of the day will make the difference in the ring.”


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