Health Alerts: Harmful impacts of energy drinks on teeth

Health Alerts: Harmful impacts of energy drinks on teeth | energy drinks affect teeth

LAHORE – Today, the race to look modern has placed man on the path of destruction because if you try to stop someone from harming himself then you may become despair but now even science reveals energy drinks harm the teeth.

According to a study carried out by Cornell University on the effects of drinks, saying those who regularly consume such beverages which are supposed to have some factors of energy are likely to damage the overall teeth system of a man.

Now-a-days, people use beverages in order to quench their thirst but they are oblivious of the dangers associated with them.

The study conducted by Professor Clive Mikey of the Cornell University that consuming energy drinks affect the human body negatively but especially risk the quality of teeth.

As beverages most often contains caffeine and other stimulant drugs which give stimulation to the mind besides acting on the teeth, the study says.

Sala dentists, Tom Berman has done experiment on her teeths by keeping each in an energy drink, diet drink and simple water for 15 days.

She noted after 15 days that the tooth placed in the regular drink turned pitch black while the tooth put in the diet drink has a considerable number of spots.


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