World faces largest humanitarian crisis since 1945: Stephen O’Brien says

World faces largest humanitarian crisis since 1945: Stephen O’Brien says | largest humanitarian crisis

NEW YORK – The world is facing the worst humanitarian crisis since 1945 as more than 20 million people in four counties will starve to death, the United Nation (UN) humanitarian chief says.

Stephen O’Brien said this while addressing UN Security Council and asked to protect humanity from destruction; many people will face starvation and famine.

The United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF) has already warned that nearly 1.4 million children are likely to die from starvation and famine.

Stephen O’Brien says there is a dire need of 4.4 billion pound till July 2017 in order to safeguard the people from the severe destruction.

He said in an address to Security Council, “Today we are in a very difficult phase of the history and the world faces the worst humanitarian crisis since its (UN) creation.”

“The people will die if coordinated and collective effort is not being carried out; the children will astray, the number of out of schools children will increase; their way of living will be destroyed; the benefits coming out of development work will also be destroyed.”

It is pertinent to mention that last month, United Nation Secretary General Antonio Gutress has also appealed the world in the same way.

He said on this occasion that despite tall claims, the UN has only received 90 million in 2017.


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