Parting ways: Actress Veena Malik obtains ‘khula’ from Asad Khattak via court

Parting ways: Actress Veena Malik obtains ‘khula’ from Asad Khattak via court | Actress Veena Malik obtains khula

LAHORE – One of the notorious and scandal queens of the Pakistani film industry, actress Veena Malik has obtained ‘khula’ from Asad Khattack through court.

According to PakistanTribe lifestyle desk, Veena Malik lawyer, Ali Ahmed says the family court has given unilateral decision on the ‘Khula’ petition filed by Veena Malik.

As per the detail, actress Veena Malik filed a plea in a court in Lahore for her separation from her husband Asad Khattak where a family judge, Qaisar Jamil Gujjar while deciding the matter issued a degree in the favour of actress on January 31, 2017.

Court sources say the court has given a unilateral decision because of the persistent unavailability of Asad Khattak.

As for quite some time there has been conflicts between the couple, therefore ‘khula’ has resulted with the consensus.

It is pertinent to mention that actress Veena Malik and Asad Khattak got married in Dubai on December 25, 2013 and they have two kids which are with Veena Malik now.

The sources say after the ‘khula’ decision, Veena Malik will return 25 percent of 25 thousand dirham “Mehr’ money to Asad Khattak.

She said that she cannot talk on the matter because of the sensitivity of the issue.

But on the other hand, Asad Khattak argues Veena Malik is my wife, she loves me very much and when we became agree then the court will also give verdict in our favour, adding the wedding will remain because when the couple is agreed then what will the judge do!

Asad Khattak says ‘Veena if you are angry with me then I ask for apology and if I have troubled you even then I apologize to you while the elder will bring reconciliation between us.

“Veena Malik is a good wife,  a good mother and  a friend because differences occur among couples and I want to do reconciliation,” the husband adds.


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