Not a drop to drink: 24 brands of bottled water unsafe in Punjab: PFA reveals

Not a drop to drink: 24 brands of bottled water unsafe in Punjab: PFA reveals | 24 water brands unsafe

LAHORE – Punjab Food Authority (PFA) reveals 24 brands of bottled water have been identified as unfit for human consumption in Punjab.

According to PakistanTribe correspondent, PFA during water monitoring and assessment campaign have found that 24 companies in the Punjab province are dealing with substandard mineral water which are not safe for health.

PFA has collected samples of brands of bottled water from different cities of Punjab and these were tested in laboratories which show that 24 brands out of 47 are not fulfilling the criteria in order to be used for drinking purpose.

Since Pakistan has been among the water stressed countries of the world and most of the tap water across different parts of the country is not clean, many people are vying for bottled water or mineral water in order to keep themselves away from the hazards associated with the contaminated water.

But now a different situation is coming on the forefront, the companies selling mineral water are also involved in providing the people with polluted water and that is also through a hefty amount.

According to detail, during the investigation of the samples 6 brands of bottled water have lower level of salt while 15 samples of bottled water were identifies as harmful.

It is pertinent to mention that Director General Food Authority has launched water assessment campaign last year where the authority has send samples of mineral water from around 47 companies to the laboratory.

Director Operations Rafia Haider says the Food Authority has sent the samples of mineral water to private and government laboratories for proper assessment where nearly 24 brands of mineral water out 47 were found to be below standard.


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