Science Wonders: Teeny-weeny honey-bee plays football

Science Wonders: Teeny-weeny honey-bee plays football | honey-bee plays football

LAHORE – ‘Seeing is believing’ may not help, even eyes flicker to know the wonders of science that a teeny-weeny honey can play a football.

But a study reveals honey bees do play football despite the fact they are small and are not having a hug force in the body.

According to study, researchers have arranged a small playground along with the tiny football for the honey-bee and it was observed that the honey bee began to play in the playground with the football.

In this research a learning model of Ivan Pavlov was taken where he taught the dog how to respond on provision of food and change of behavior through reinforcement process.

First, the honey-bee was shown the way what to do and how to do the task and then a piece of sugar was given as a reward on demonstration of the right behavior.

Like the Pavlov dog reinforcement, the honey bee learned the behavior to play with the football and after than other honey bee after observing the first one, began to learn the way to play with the football.

Therefore, the scientists concluded that the power of honey bees to learn things make them different from other insects.

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