Working under scarce resource in Karachi: Wasim Akhtar

Working under scarce resource in Karachi: Wasim Akhtar | Wasim akhtar

KARACHI – Collecting garbage and taking them to the dumping sites is also one of the responsibilities of the Sindh government but we are working under scarce resources to the said Karachi Mayor Wasim Akhtar.

Earlier Wasim Akhtar launched a 100 days campaign of cleaning the city of Karachi but the electronic media started highlighting the Strewn filth and garbage across Karachi.

In reaction to this criticism in the media, Karachi Mayor addressed a press conference saying they have not been given enough resources in order to work in an efficient and effective manner.

But in the past, contracts were given and an impression was made the city will be developed and then cleaned at the same time but it could not be materializes.

“Let’s bygone be bygone and now fresh tenders will be made for new projects for the betterment of the city,” he informs.

By merely giving contacts and then started believing that the problems of the city will be resolve according but it is not correct, Wasim Akhtar comments.

“We are not interested in awarding contract but we want to do a standard and quality work in the city, “Karachi Mayor explains.

He argues the Sindh government is being run by the Supreme Court and High Court of Pakistan as today newspapers are full of directives being issue for the failure of multiple works in the Sindh while the Sindh government is seen anywhere to respond to the judiciary.

The Sindh government have spent nearly Rs1000 billion on the on the pretext of development in the province, saying “I can challenge anyone who can argue with me in this statistic but nothing practical can be seen in Sindh with the stipulated amount.”

There is still a long way to go for bringing real improvements the infrastructures of Karachi, he said.

He reveals improvements are required in these areas: sewerage system, water distribution, refurbishing water treatment plants, renovation of roads and transportation system.


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