Two Pakistani students released by Indian police who strayed into India

Two Pakistani students released by Indian police who strayed into India| students released

LAHORE – Two Pakistani students have been released by Indian authorities and handed over to Pakistan Higher Commission (PHC) as they unconsciously crossed the border while they were out on tour purpose.

According to PakistanTribe news desk, two Pakistani students Faisal Awan and Ahsan Khurshid were out near the bordering area with India as they were enjoying their picnic but in the meantime they strayed into Indian Territory where they were arrested.

The sources say both of the students have now been received by the PHC from the Indian police.

Thought the family members of these students were quite happy, yet they said that its Indian propaganda to call anyone from Pakistan as terrorists who strayed into the Indian Territory unconsciously, the uncle of the students said while talking to newsmen.

“We did not have any communication with the students during their detention days however we received only their letters that they have been arrested by the Indian forces,” the uncle informed.

All the family members of these two students were in jubilant mood upon hearing the release of their near and dear one from the shackle of Indian authorities.

The family member of thanked the media for their role in highlighting the issue and praised Pakistan High Commission which helped in bringing their children back.


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