Nations can’t succeed who forget sacrifices of their heroes: Raza Rabbani

Nations can’t succeed who forget sacrifices of their heroes | sacrifices of heroes

ISLAMABAD – Those nations cannot succeed who keep themselves away from the struggle of their heroes for the revival of democracy, says Chairman Senate Raza Rabbani.

While addressing the inauguration ceremony of a monument in the memory of unsung heroes of democracy in the parliament house, Chairman Senate highlighted the sacrifices and endeavors of those people and martyred who fight against dictatorship in the country.

Raza Rabbani informs media, civil society, intellectual and law makers have struggled for democracy, rule of law and supremacy of the parliament while the state destroyed all these efforts over the period of time.

He emphasizes, “We are here to preserve the democratic and the sacrifices of those who martyred in the way of bringing democracy back.”

The parliament that people see today is due to those leaders who strive hard for democracy while fighting with the police on street, he said.

In this inauguration ceremony of monument in the memory of unsung heroes of democracy, speaker National Assembly Ayaz Sadiqu lashed out at those parliamentarians who fought in the parliament the previous day, saying we should ask ourselves that if want strengthen or weaken the democracy.

He explains ‘our behavior will tell whether we want to strengthen democratic government, and our performance will tell if we have come to the parliament for fighting or representing our constituencies.’

In democracy, he said behavior of patience and endurance rather destroying democratic norms will be beneficial for the welfare of the country.

With the incident of fighting only the stronghold of the non-democratic forces will be further strengthened, he informs.

Ayaz Sadique says, “With this attitude we are not respecting and regarding those who sacrificed themselves, and were beaten in jails and meted out ill treatment with their family.”


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