‘Tallest girls, how they will play’

‘Tallest girls, how they will play’ |www.pakistantribe.com pakistan women rugby players

ISLAMABAD – Uzwa Farooq says, ‘Before the start of the game, girls from other countries looked at us, saying they are the tallest girls in the ground and how they will play.’

Recently, Asian Women’s Rugby Sevens took place in Laos (Vietian) where Pakistan’s women team took part in in Ragby game.

Uzwa who is having a height of 5 foot, 10 inch informs her team probably lost only because of low stamina.

Almost a year ago, women team came into being and Asian Women’s Rugby was their first competition in which they stood six after defeating Nepal.

Uzwa herself is a school teacher and before that she used to play football and from there she made up her mind about playing rugby however she considered it a difficult game in the beginning.

‘When we played then we did not feel it that hard and now playing rugby has become a routine,’ she adds.

She said that her family knows that rugby is totally like football and that is why she was allowed to play the game even on international level.

Her other friend in the rugby game is Maher Khan who has learned this game during her study times in Canada.

Both of the Pakistani women players say they do not have any pressure or problem from their family over taking part in these games.

Maher Khan explains when our families know that they will contribute in the portrayal of positive image of the country so then why they will complain about our playing for Pakistan.


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