Rape or Love Affairs: Now doctor can also arrest you

Rape or Love Affairs: Now doctor can also arrest you |www.pakistantribe.com UAE arrest couple


ABU DHABI – Today it is hard to determine the cases of rape and love affairs as a doctor in his clinic tells the woman ‘You are pregnant now’ and called the police to produce marriage certificate.

According to detail, a South African couple was detained by the police over the charges sexual relations outside the marriage.

After six weeks, the media came to know about the incident that a 29 year old Emlyn Culverwell and 27 year old Iryna Nohai were arrested at a time when Erina went to a doctor due to stomach cramp and the medical check revealed that she was pregnant.

On this charges, the authority in Abu Dhabi has taken a man from South Africa along with her finance from Ukraine into custody on the charges of maintaining extra-marital relations.

As sexual relations outside marriage is a crime in UAE, therefore the author took this action upon the couple.

Emlyn Culverwell’s mother said while pleading for their release that ‘both of them had only made one mistake of loving each other’.

According to reports, the foreign ministry of Africa says that they cannot help the couple because they have come under the local laws of UAE.

The African government has told the couple that they should avail legal help in this matter.

But so far the government of UAE has not released any statement.

Culverwell and Nohai have been arrested in January however the news about their arrest came to the forefront now.

Culverwell has been working in UAE for the last five years.


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