Hybrid Rickshaw with Wi-Fi introduces in Pakistan

Hybrid Rickshaw with Wi-Fi introduces in Pakistan |www.pakistantribe.com hybrid rickshaw

KARACHI – For the first time in Pakistan, a hybrid Rickshaw has been introduced.

After series of hybrids cars on the roads in Pakistan so there will be no issue of modern meter and gear but automatic three moods will be shown in the market.

The new model of the Rickshaw will be able to cover a distance of 50 kilometer with the speed of 60kilometer per hour.

It has the engine power of 200cc which can cover a distance of 70 kilometer on the battery alone.

Director of the company Muhammad Ayaz says the latest model is an environmental friendly model which will not produce any smoke.

Other functions that are included in the new model are internet wifi, tracker, comfortable seats and doors.

This Rickshaw will cost the customers around Rs 400000.

When this new model of Rickshaw was shown in the Pakistan Auto Show 2017 the company received a huge number of orders from the local investors.


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