American CIA spy on WhatsApp messages

American CIA spy on WhatsApp messages | CIA spy WhatsApp

WASHINGTON – Though WhatsApp is the most famous messaging application in the world having messages encryption feature, yet its messages can be read by anyone easily.

This claim has been made in the WikiLeaks where American Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) hacking files were found.

WikiLeaks claims in the CIA hacking files named Vault 7 that American intelligence agency has the ability to bypass the encryption system of the WhatsApp including several other applications.

WikiLeaks have release 8761 files where this claim has been made that by the use of CIA malware and hacking tools smartphone hacking and television sets can be changed into a microphone.

According to the report, “Smart phone hacking tools provide an opportunity to the CIA to bypass the encryption of WhatsApp, Signal tally, Gram, Vibe and other devices and the intelligence organization can hear the audio message even before the encryption.”

This claim is a topic of great concern to the WhatsApp users who are already terrified and worried about the announcement of Facebook to share its data.

The WikiLeaks files have shown that the government intelligence services can have access to the private communication of the people whenever they want while WhatsApp end to end encryption has been designed for the privacy of the users.

However it must be clarified that CIA does not hack WhatsApp but they target the mobile phone of the user and fail the encryption system.

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