Keeping Tradition Alive

Keeping Tradition Alive | PakistanTribeOne for the most valuable gifts we can give our younger generation is the preservation of culture. While many of us find history to be a bore, it is possible to sneak in parts of our heritage by engaging us in our traditional values.

Traditions are the foundation of our society, and even though they may still live on in our hearts and minds they sometimes need to be taken out, cleaned off and cultured into anexisting, not a past, memory.

Unfortunately life today has a little time for living in the past and cultures across the world are finding their languages diminished, stories and songs forgotten and their traditions lost. It now takes a rigorous level of awareness to keep these signatures of heritage alive. Whereas there are few places where culture and tradition is preserved and handed down from generation to generation to bind them to their past and connect them to their future.

Over half a century ago, the foundation of Nirala was laid in Lahore, Pakistan, with the commitment to provide people with delectable quality delights. The great journey started when Taj Din migrated from Amritsar, India, to Lahore and started a small breakfast shop in the inner city of Lahore in 1948. The passion for quality, distinctiveness and hard work set by Taj Din is now carried by his family with latest innovations and trends in preparing the best Mithai for entire nation.

Mithai is the traditional dessert or choice of sweets in countries like Pakistan, India & Bangladesh. Mithai has always been an important part of our culture and tradition. Whether it’s a festival, wedding, or any other happy occasion, it is never complete without Mithai. Mithai differs greatly all over the country such as Rasgulla, GulabJaman, and Burfiloaded, usually, with ghee, sugar, and sometimes nuts and milk there is a Mithai for everyone. We may not know many of the sweets, but on the other hand there are some we have eaten throughout our life.

 Nirala Food Mithai | PakistanTribeFaisal Farooq CEO of Nirala talking about the tradition values and culture of Nirala said, “Family of Nirala does not take it as a business preparing Mithaiis like sharing happiness among the masses and we are proud of preserving our traditional values. My grandfather started it from a small shop, but he had passion to take it to new heights. After that the legacy had been transferred to my father and after so many years Nirala not only has a unique taste and standard it also creates history by transferring the traditional values and culture from one generation to another”.

Nirala not only keep cultural and traditional values intact it also keeps up with the latest technological innovations to support hygiene and safety conditions and effective service to the hundreds of customers serving every day.

Mithai Niral FoodIf you look beyond the aroma of Mithai, into the sheds where it is produced, and at the lives that are sacrificed to make this possible, you would not think twice before buying that box of Mithai topped with the precious foil.

Values and traditions are essence of our life by keeping them intact we are not only preserving true ethics of our culture but also shows our strong bond with heritage and traditional values of our society which keeps us intact from many centuries.

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Ch Muhammad Sabbor is a fresh graduate from National University of Modern Languages - Islamabad and is a passionate writer. He takes keen interest in writing that promote indigenous culture of Pakistan and helps promote well-being.

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