Rights & Roles of Women: International women’s day is being observed today

Rights & Roles of Women: International women’s day is being observed today |www.pakistantribe.com women's international day

ISLAMABAD – International women’s day is being observed today across the world including Pakistan.

Though the day aims at fostering awareness and highlighting women rights besides mobilizing the society to accept and regard their social importance, the situation is quite the opposite in Pakistan.

Violence against women is a contentious issue: rape, honour killing, sexual harassment, domestic violence and acid attacks have become the norms of the present society in sub-continent and particularly in Pakistan.

According to an estimate, Pakistan stands of the top five countries where rape cases are being reported on high scale.

In Punjab and Karachi, first women are being kidnapped and then they are rapped as the data shows that around 14850 women were kidnapped cases were recorded where around 80 percent of the victims were rapped.

But in this the significance of the women’s rights day further enhanced which call for the attention of the incumbent government to come out with such legislation that will change the male dominated and stereotypical mindsets in the country and pave the way for the welfare of women.

The purpose of celebrating this day is to praise the efforts of women in social, economic, political and educational aspects.

On the occasion of the International women day,   special programs, analysis and discussions are being held on the mainstream media especially the television, radio and newspapers.

With regards to the day, various seminars and group discussion and other women related poetry are being conducted across the capital city of Islamabad where different topics on the rights of women are being discussed.

Due to endless women sacrifices and persistent struggle, the first women conference was held in Copen Hague in 1910 where 100 women from more than 17 countries participated.

In this conference it was decided to commemorate this day with the aim to highlight the exploitation and oppressive being meted out to the women.

However, the United Nations (UN) in 1956 decided to celebrate women­’s day on March 8.

And therefore, this brings many seminars and other events associated with women struggle for their rights.


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