Wikileaks exposes CIA hacking program in fresh leaks

Wikileaks exposes CIA hacking program in fresh leaks |

MOSCOW – In a news series of leaks, Wikileaks has exposed US Central Intelligence Agency’s (CIA) alleged hacking program, learnt from international media.

The CIA can turn your TV into a listening device, bypass popular encryption apps, and possibly control your car, according to a trove of documents published by WikiLeaks Tuesday which it said came from the US spy agency.

The new series of leaks has been given name of ‘Vault 7.’

WikiLeaks said the documents show that the Central Intelligence Agency is rivalling the National Security Agency, the US government’s main electronic spying body, in cyber warfare, but with less oversight.


The group posted nearly 9,000 documents it said came from the CIA, calling it the largest-ever publication of secret intelligence materials.

The CIA would neither confirm nor deny the documents were genuine, or comment on their content.

“We do not comment on the authenticity or content of purported intelligence documents,” said spokesperson Jonathan Liu in an email.


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