Role of Afghanistan in Terrorism

Role of Afghanistan in Terrorism | terrorism

Suicide attacks and bomb blasts across Quetta, Lahore, DIK and Sehwan Sharif took place at the same day, killing many innocent people and even now chances of such terrific attacks cannot be denied. However, in all these instances Afghanistan was involved in with the support of Pakistan’s fierce enemy.

Closing down of Pak-Afghan border is also one of the reasons to force Afghanistan in order to stop using its soil against Pakistan. The Pakistan army has said that Afghan soil is being used for sabotage activities in Pakistan.

Afghanistan has been among the first nations to deny accepting Pakistan as a member of the International community after its creation in 1947.

Historically, Pakistan and Afghanistan are linked on many aspects including social, political, cultural and economic basis. So then why Afghanistan began to oppose Pakistan?

First it is linked with the factor of relationship based on ethnicity and then the former Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) now Russia wanted to access the warm water and for attaining that purpose it attacked Afghanistan.

Though Pakistan with the support of its allies foiled the Russian move in Afghanistan, yet it became successful in making many pro-Russian groups which have been targeting Pakistan since then. And today several such groups are also present in Pakistan who are being supported by Afghanistan while India continue to encourage these groups for creating law and order situation in the country.

On one Pakistan has allowed Afghanistan to do business with the world in the most difficult time of the history, while on the other hand, Afghanistan in turn encouraged smuggling to Pakistan, leading to the decline of Pakistan economy. Courtesy Jang.


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