Pakistan to Give Peace ‘Another Chance’

Pakistan to Give Peace ‘Another Chance’ | PakistanTribePrime Minister of Pakistan, Mian Nawaz Sharif, has declared that his government would pursue peace talks with Taliban militants despite a recent spate of attacks. Addressing a session of the National Assembly, on Wed, Nawaz Sharif said “Since the opposite side has shown intent to negotiate, we would also like to give peace one more chance.”

In this regard, he declared the formation of a four-member team to carry negotiations with the Taliban militants. The committee can include Nawaz Sharif’s newly-appointed advisor Irfan Siddiqui, journalist Rahimullah Yousufzai, former ISI Major Mohammad Aamir and ex-ambassador to Islamic State of Afghanistan Rustam Shah Momand. Interior Minister Nisar Ali Khan will support the committee.

Nawaz what is more same that he would in person supervise the performance of the committee, adding that he was sincerely making an attempt to revive peace within the country and expressed his hope that the opposite side would also respond in a same manner.

He same the whole nation, together with all state establishments, stand united if the govt. decides to react to terrorism with full force. “Since the opposite side has shown intent to negotiate, we would also like to relinquish peace one more probability,” he said, adding that bitter experiences of the past propelled the govt. to carry peace talks to bear fruit.

The Daily Dawn same Nawaz Sharif has for long supported talks because the best way to finish the years of fighting with the Pakistani Taliban. But once a wave of attacks in month of january, he has been under pressure to take steps to bring the country’s violence in check. An explosion at a military garrison within the northwestern city of Bannu on January 19 killed a minimum of 22 troopers and wounded 30 others. Daily later, a bombing close to Pakistani army headquarters in metropolis killed 13 individuals together with 6 troopers.

In an apparent allusion to former military ruler General (retd.) Pervez Musharraf, Nawaz said that a dictator and his unconstitutional government had place the country in an exceedingly dreadful state. The premier said his government was doing all what it may to prevent the drone strikes on its soil.

On the opposite hand, The TTP interpreter Shahid-ullah Shahid said that it’s convened a gathering of its Shura to significantly discuss the government’s call of holding talk’s trough a committee.

While the govt. seems to be showing extreme check despite a fierce terror campaign by Taliban, several ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’ are hooked up to the government’s first step. Experts say the committee may play solely a facilitation role and nothing else. Whereas the committee would also need an assurance from the Taliban over halt to terrorist attacks, its success also hinges on the extent of mandate government offers thereto.

Any drone strikes throughout the course of dialogue and possible sabotage makes an attempt by ‘bad Taliban’ are two of the many serious issue that have the potential to push this process to a dead finish. Whereas the government’s move was typically approved by a large section of society, some quarters also raised doubts on the intentions of each government and also the Taliban.

While government’s formation of committee for peace talks is being seen as final step within the line of exhausting all choices before launching a full-fledged operation in Waziristan, experts smell rat within the Taliban ranks as well and dub terrorists’ continual offers for peace talks as a clever move to buy some time for reorganization and regrouping in preparation for a fresh attack.

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