An oppressed husband’s plea in the court

An oppressed husband’s plea in the court | An oppressed husband

NEW DELHI – News about wives being treated unjustly are the routine matter, but an oppressed husband in India resort to the court for justice.

According to PakistanTribe lifestyle desk, a husband in India came to knew after three years of his marriage that her wife has been married thrice before.

The oppressed husband took his case to the police station where he revealed that earlier her wife has conducted a love marriage and two other men and she has not taken a divorce from any of the three persons.

Indian media reports that the oppressed husband is a businessman in Ahmedabad who has lodged a complaint in the police station that her wife has deceived him.

The report adds that the wife had married three men in the past but she proceeded for another marriage even without being divorced from any of the three persons.

The police says that the first investigation report (FIR) lodged by the husband  noted that he came to know about the issue when her wife was talking to someone on the phone regarding her first marriage and the husband suddenly barged in.

The businessman investigated the matter by getting the phone data through some means and he found out that she had been discussing about her past marital relationships.


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