Hazards of Fast Foods: Personal narrative of a journalist

Hazards of Fast Foods: Personal narrative of a journalist |www.pakistantribe.com fast food

LONDON – If you want to know the harmful impacts of fast foods like chips, pizza and soft drinks then you do not need to experience it yourself but a journalist Faeeb Jackson Edward’s health condition is enough to learn a lesson.

According to PakistanTribe, in order to study the impact of junk food and inform the people about its hazards, a 20 year old British journalist conducted an experiment on herself.

First of all, she replaced her normal food with junk food for almost weak, she continue to eat pizza, burger, chips, MacDonald and KFC food, diet coke, normal coke and other beverages.

Faeeb says that before putting herself on the junk food, she went a clinic in London to get herself examined and her normal status was recorded.

However, after spending a week while eating fast food, she again went to the clinic, adding that a world of difference has been observed in her health condition.

She says that the fat level increased from 23 percent, skin color turned pale and other weakness.

She adds that her sleep time was also quite disturbed after the experience, now she feels drowsy most of the time.

She explains that her face turned colorless and pale, her hair started to fall, her walking routine has disturbed and the level of moisture have increased in her skin.

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