China to introduce cheapest electric cars in Pakistan

China to introduce cheapest electric cars in Pakistan China cheapest electric cars

KARACHI – A Chinese company has put on display the cheapest electric car in Pakistan Auto Show 2017, costing around $ 3000 to $ 5000.

According to PakistanTribe, the Chinese electric car company showed interest in selling the low price electric cars in Pakistan.

It said that there are three models of Bi-Mini EV cars, with three doors and four seats will be displayed for sale in Pakistan next year.

These electric cars have a varying models including economy, luxury and comfortable models, saying the price of economy model is $ 3000, comfortable model cost $4000 while the luxury model worth $5000.

It is reported that this company is amongst the top in the field of manufacturing electric vehicles in China which manufactures 1000 vehicles daily.

It adds that these electric cars will be able to cover a distance of one kilometre at Rs 1.

While the cars could also be charged from the household electricity connection (220Volt), and the inbuilt battery system of the car has a great efficiency level which can be charged in a minimum duration.

Once the battery of the car is charged then it would be able to cover a distance of 120 kilometres at 60 kilometres per hour, the company says.

The spokesmen of the company say they are on the look-out for dealers and partners in Pakistan for selling the electric cars, adding the company planned to sell the car in Pakistan till the next year.

They explain that the Chinese company will provide a five year or 80000 kilometre running warranty to the customers and shortly after the launch of sale, arrangements for body parts will be made.

These electric cars consist of power window, ammonium alloy rims, disc break, central locking system, remote keys, air cooler and heater, radio, USB, AUX, back view camera, video and speakers.

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  • This is great news. This may be the beginning of getting rid of costly oil dependence and a slap to polution in large cities. It would also lower the cost in a long run as electricity should be the cheapest form of energy once we have enough supply and large failing governmental agencies and fuel stealing is curbed.
    Pakistan is blessed with year-round sunshine and a 2000 watt solar panel can charge this car very easily. China is high on solar energy and we should start making use of it as well. We do not need arabian oil or even nuclear options if we invest in solar wisely. The technology would improve and there’s no stopping from here on. Pakistan is the most enterprising nation where anything that saves people money or provides a luxury (or necessity) in life is sold without an advertisement.


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