Big Three ICC controversy near completion as Pakistan’s Cricket in extreme danger

ICC big 3 plan near completionKOLKATA / DUBAI – The ‘Big Three’ of cricket have gained the required support to get passed their proposal as Bangladesh, West Indies, New Zealand and Zimbabwe have signed a formal agreement.

The ICC President Alan Isaac said the success of the Big Three was near.

The sources said that even Pakistan, South Africa and Sri Lanka did not support the draft, India, Australia and England had achieved the required votes.

In this regard, Bangladesh, West Indies, New Zealand and Zimbabwe signed an exclusive agreement in lure of perks from the ‘Big Three.’

Sources also claimed that the ICC Development International (CAI D) President Alan Isaac asked members during  the meeting to support the proposed agreement by raising hands.

“Pakistan and South African representatives also raised their hands hands and reaffirmed their support.”

BCCI president N Sri Nivasan did this via video link from Chennai saying “I was in a meeting and I did not see anyone who opposed the proposal.”

Meanwhile,Allen Isaac said that cricket control was not a problem with Big Three because they could work in the best interest of the game.

But the proposal is still being discussed and their is no official voting yet. The scheduled February 8 meeting in Singapore may conclude the issue.


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