China lowers growth target to 6.5 percent

China lowers growth target to 6.5 percent | china growth rate

BEIJING – Prime Minister of China, Li Keqiang has announced fixing growth rate of the country to 6.5 percent while last it was from 6.5 to 7.0.

The Chinese Prime Minister announced this while addressing the annual meeting of the national parliament called National People Congress (NPC).

Last year, the lowest growth rate of the Chinese economy was recorded in the 26 year history.

The Prime Minister said that he will control those national institutions including coal and steel manufacturing industries whose operation required the support of the government.

No such promises made by the Chinese offices in the past have materialized yet.

At least 3000 member of parliaments are present in the Gate Hall of Beijing.

NPC and meeting of its advisory body take places every year.

The Prime Minister admits the services being rendered by President Xi Jing Ping.

In his address, his talked about the resources of the country, adding he also consider environmental pollution a great challenge.


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