Pros and Cons of Brain Drain: Why Pakistanis strive to go abroad?

Pros and Cons of Brain Drain: Why Pakistanis strive to go abroad? | pakistan brain drain

Brain drain, the flow of human capital especially the skilled and expert individuals to foreign countries has provided both prospects and challenges.

Many people will robustly debate that brain drain is futuristic for Pakistan as it brings in a huge number of assets the country, increasing in the remittances and the end of joblessness.

On the other hand, it is viewed that the flow of such individuals includes doctors, professors, teachers, scientists and other people with potential causing the national exchequer to suffer bitterly.

Many sociologists in Pakistan questions that why Pakistanis are going abroad in such a great number. Then they also have found out the answer to their inquiry that poverty, unemployment and lack of good opportunities compel the youth to resort to foreign lands in order to pursue their career as well as supplicate their families.

Finance Minister, Ishaq Dar will say Pakistani workings abroad are the assets of the country; however they are not being given the required facilities either in the foreign land or in their stay in Pakistan. Recently the Supreme Court (SC) has questioned the Passport Office about their way of fleecing Pakistanis living abroad.

Those who are well off and leading a luxurious life will consider not consider the foreign land a jail for them. But the poor Pakistanis who have been working across the Arab world etc will feel suffocated but they do not have any other alternative.

It is a fact that Pakistanis living abroad are the assets of this country, they do not only earn their own livelihood and bring in a huge amount of remittance but they portray a positive image of the country. Still there is a need for the government to provide all the services to those Pakistanis living abroad so that they could further improve their county’s image.

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