Nintendo’s lack of softwares blamed hurdle to compete PS4 and Xbox One

Nintendo Wii U vs PS4 vs XB1Graphics of Nintendo’s software titles are much different than Sony PlayStation 4 (PS4) and Microsoft Xbox, says an illustrator and graphic designer. 

Rick Lopez, a freelance graphic designer, expressed this view while commenting on a gain of Nintendo’s software income on the backdrop of slide of overall revenue.

Rick viewed that Nintendo’s real problem behind lack of sales was lack of software titles.

Here is his views on Nintendo weak position against Sony and Microsoft (spells and names edited).

Nintendo has lineup on pretty impressive software titles. Graphics aren’t much different than PS4 or Xbox.

I blame lack of sales due to lack of software. I also blame the lack of 3rd party support on the gap their is in Wii U system specs compared to PS4 and XBox One.

I just hope that when Nintendo releases its heavy hitters, the Wii U picks up. Because I really like the look of the new games coming for the system, Smash Bros., “X”, Bayontta 2… to name a few.

And my killer app Fire Emblem is in development and the crossed it with Shin Megami Tensai. Both my all time favorite franchises, so I’m super excited…So lets see what happens. I’m not hoping Wii U can compete with PS4 or XB1, however I do hope its sales improve enough to make it relevant among them.

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