Met Office warning: Monster of environmental pollution may swallow spring season

Met Office warning: Monster of environmental pollution may swallow spring season | Met office warning

ISLAMABAD – The process of making the air, soil, water and environment are being polluted and degraded so swiftly that now Pakistan may not see the blooms of spring seasons, Met Office warns.

According to PakistanTribe science desk, this analysis was made by the experts of climate change and environmental agency in Pakistan, saying global warming has drastically impacted the world but Pakistan faced chronic repercussions of the rising temperature.

The agency says the events including 2010 super flood, the country’s ranking in the ‘water-stressed’ groups and unusual weather pattern are reflective of the growing challenges of climate change that Pakistan has been suffering.

According to one estimates, the duration of summer season has prolonged while making the winter and spring seasons abysmally shorter and more sever as it has been observed in the form of draughts, Thar mal-nourishment and famine-like situation in Karachi.

However, once again Pakistan metrological department has announced that spring season may fade away if the phenomenon of global warming continued in Pakistan in the upcoming years.

Since climate change due to human activities especially the high content of carbon dioxide has been affecting those countries that exist on equatorial belt, Pakistan may face even worse challenge of disturbed environment in the future.

The report says the recent heat waves that the agency recorded as the hottest months in the country, adding the temperatures from the morning time onward has observed to be shooting up to 25°C in February this year.


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