Amazing Offer: Where in Pakistan do Robots serve food?

Amazing Offer: Where in Pakistan do Robots serve food? | Robots serve food

MULTAN – It may both seem mysterious and funny to see Robots while serving foods to the customers but one such moment of surprise can be observed in a restaurant in Multan.  

According to PakistanTribe science desk, the student of National University of Science and Technology (NUST) named Usama, has developed a special female robot that will serve food to in the restaurants.

Usama said that he took around eight month times to make this robot specially designed for the purpose of replacing waiters in hotels and restaurants across Pakistan.

According to reports the student of NUST has launched his own restaurant in Multan where his debut robot will be serving the people.

He explains that once the robot hear the command then it will take food to the table where the order has been taken, saying if the robot detect an object on its way then it will stop until the object is removed.

This debut robot is having a height like a normal woman which cost the entrepreneur driven student around Rs 0.4 million.

Though this was the first attempt by the student, many criticism and praises followed this debut technology.

On one hand, few users on the social networking sites that this robot will play a great role in revolutionizing hoteling and restaurant business besides attracting others towards science and technology.

Other users call this a ‘total hoax’ and impractical, saying this is  a Chinese based robot which Usman named Engineering student is boasting to have designed.


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