Russian alleged intervention in election: Congress committee to investigate

Russian alleged intervention in election campaign: Congress committee to investigate | Russian alleged intervention

WASHINGTON – One of the committee of  American congress has decided with consensus to probe into the Russian middling in the US Presidential election last year.

Regarding the confidential affairs, the members of the congress panel has confirmed that this committee will investigate the Presidential election of Donald Trump and the alleged role of Russia in the relations.

The members of democratic parties had been calling for the investigation into the matter but the republican members were not ready for the same so far.

The giant American media houses are of the view that some of Trump’s allies were in a constant contact with Russian authorities during the election.

The American intelligence authorities had also accepted that in their view Russian have played role in conducting election in Donald Trump’s favour.

However, the White House says that no deviant or improper behavior was adopted in the Presidential election.

On the other hand, the American Department of Justice has confirmed that the new Attorney General (AG) Jeff Session had talked to the Russian diplomat during the time of election in the United States.

According to Department of Justice, Jeff Session talked to the Russian diplomat twice—for the first time he met with the diplomat when he was the member of the Senate Armed Service Committee.

And the second time it happened when a group meeting was held with the diplomat of other countries.

Sergey Kisliyak has been the Russian diplomat in the United State since 2008 but the White House has not shown any reaction to this matter yet.

A senior member of democratic parties, Chuck chef in the intelligence committee informs that if this allegation is true then Mr Session should separate himself from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) which is investigating the matter.


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