“Dear PCB, Please don’t try this at home” – by Abdullah Ansari

"Dear PCB, Please don't try this at home" - by Abdullah Ansari | pakistantribe.com

Like many other Pakistanis, I am glad about the advent of PSL in recent years. I enjoy the game and understand the value of opportunities youngsters are getting as they play with modern greats like Kevin Pieterson, Chris Gayle, Mahela Jayawardene, etc.

Yes, it hurts to know that PSL is the only league in the world which isn’t played inside the very country which owns it.

Yes, it upsets me that local population which is deprived of any substantial sports activity anyways, isn’t able to attend the games and witness the action live. Yes, it concerns me a lot when I saw empty stands of Dubai and Sharjah even on weekends. But, does it mean that I want PSL 2017 final to be held in Pakistan? No, absolutely not.

Sports are important for every society but what’s way more important is the security of common man. I completely believe govt. when they wow for extreme security measures for national and international players. After all, every VIPs in this country has been getting access to all the security he needs; right from a dozen of security guards to bullet proof vehicles. Even friends and relatives of VIPs enjoy the company of armed personnel seated in their double cabin trucks who are ready to extend support their boss wants to thrash a little-bit-famous TV anchors like Waqar Zaka.

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Who doesn’t ever get this security is a common man; people like you and me, who will be attending PSL 2017 final in huge numbers. For us, there is nothing but repetitive claims of “fool-proof” security that is too foolish to be believed. In a country where the only consistent things are drone attacks, bomb blasts and military operations; it’s really unfathomable to put a whole country at risk for a franchise-based cricket cup final.

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The arguments in support of holding PSL 2017 final in Pakistan are lame, emotional and based on knee-jerk-reactionary approach. The rhetoric of recent bomb blast attack being orchestrated by India in order to damage PSL 2017 is proving to be playing on the minds of emotional wrecks that are ready to chant slogans against India on Wahaga Border but can’t abstain from Bollywood movies. Most of international players have already refused to come to Pakistan so even if the whole city is brought to stand still to complete this emotional task, the idea that Pakistan is safe for international cricket is not going to get through to international players. And believe me, IPL will never feel a threat from PSL as India outweighs Pakistan on various counts when it comes to cricket. You don’t believe me, check out the attendance in ongoing India vs Australia test series and you will notice that cricket fever in India is way higher than Pakistan. To cut it short, comparing PSL with IPL, at least at current stage is like comparing Umar Akmal with Virat Kohli which brings nothing but mockery and laughter.

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I pray for international cricket to come back to Pakistan. I want Karachiites to witness Gayle-storm; I want Lahories to enjoy the KP-effect but I don’t want this while the whole city is at halt as everyone is holding the breath. I don’t want cricket to be played in such environment where parents are looking at the TV not to have a glimpse of their children in ground but to remain updated about any law and order situation.

As long as Pakistan doesn’t come out from this security chaos, I would like to request PCB, “Please, Don’t try this at home.”


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