Football Fans behaviour getting worse – Mats Hummels

Football Fans behaviour getting worse - Mats Hummels |

BERLIN – Mats Hummels believes the behaviour of German fans is getting worse after Bayern Munich coach Carlo Ancelotti was spat on by supporters in Berlin.

“In general, the behaviour towards the players has become more and more disrespectful over the last nine or ten years,” the 28-year-old Germany defender told magazine Sport Bild.

“The inhibition threshold, in terms of berating and insulting players, is getting lower and lower.

“A lot of fans project their frustration on players and coaches alike and are getting more abusive.

“They express it in insults or, even worse, by spitting on people.”

Hummels comments come a fortnight after Ancelotti landed in hot water for showing the middle finger to Hertha Berlin fans after being spat on following Bayern’s 1-1 draw when they scored a late equaliser in the capital.

Tensions were high during the match, in which Bayern, whose players had been jeered throughout, equalised six minutes into added time.

The German Football Association (DFB) asked Ancelotti to make a donation of 5,000 euros ($5,270) to a charity foundation after launching an inquiry into the matter.


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