India, Australia and England efforts to shut other teams mouth up

India lures as Bangladesh abhors

DUBAI/DHAKA: Big Threes of cricket seem to be engaged in an ambitious effort to shut the little ones by money.

They planned to crush all the restrictions on their way to control the cricket world.

Seeing a chance to get the authorities in the international cricket, Indian Board lures Associate Members for an extra package for their support.

However, Bangladesh denied to support Big Threes for their controversial statements. They don’t want to lose their right to play test cricket.

Prime Minister Shaikh Haseena directed to save the test status at all cost. Fans of Cricket also took charge at the streets of Dhaka and protested against the India, Australia and England’s rowdiness.

The three countries have suggested a plan, which, as per cricket analysts, will destroy international in whole besides ruining test cricket format.

The ball seems to be in Pakistan’s court, which has yet to reveal its decision on the plan. If it opposes, the three Big ones are likely to lose their plan.

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