Quit these habits if you want to start a business: Report

Quit these habits if you want to start a business: Report |www.pakistantribe.com quit these habits

ISLAMABAD – When you want embark upon a new business or a new career, it is vital to ponder over the factors of hard work and smart, a study reveals.

According to a study in the field of management and entrepreneurship which stresses on abandoning those habits which makes a person either lazy or divert his or her attention from the course of the work.

The study has given out the following suggestion for those who want to start a business: a businessman should keep the following points in his mind while carrying out his day to day activities.

One, polish your skills:

You need to polish your latent potential. In order to become a successful businessman, you need to follow your hearts as well as improve your thinking level and silique or intra-personal communication so that you could better understand various facet of life and work at the same time.

Two, keeps away from terrifying and giving orders the subordinates:

Do not become an executive who recurrently issues order so as to pressurize the employee. No doubt, whatever you do is based upon your experience and get rid of egocentric approach and the usage of words like ‘I am…and I can…’ rather than understanding others feelings.

Three, never hesitate in asking for cooperation:

No matter how educated and capable you are but if you donnot feel like asking others cooperation then you are not a successful business. Because today everything can be possible only through team work so do not hesitate to ask for cooperation.

Four, abandon the habit of leaving things till tomorrow:

You need to leave the habit of leaving things till tomorrow. This way you will become lazy and will make such type excuse and a day will come when you fully accustomed to this habit.

Five, considering (yourself) a perfect man is killing:

Since no person is born perfect, even after acquiring the best of education from the world class university even then you can not say you are perfect. Because learning is process which begins at birth and stops at death. Those people are successful who do not consider themselves perfect but rather believe in learning constantly.

Six, never compare yourself with others:

Last but not the least you should not compare yourself with others because this way you will underestimate your potential. All people are not made for doing every kind of jobs while all jobs are not meant for all the people. Simply put, every individual has his own potential and skill which he or she has to polish in order to become a successful person. Thuse, the study says if you want to become a successful manager or a busninessman so you should have these features.


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