Fighting Infertility: Eat a walnut a day keeps childlessness away

Fighting Infertility: Eat a walnut a day keeps childlessness away | Fighting Infertility

ISLAMABAD – If you want to get rid of infertility and want to become a father then follow this adage ‘Eat a walnut a day and keeps childlessness away’, a study reveal

Though eating walnut has the most realizing taste, it also helps in the treatment of women’s infertility, American experts informs.

According to PakistanTribe science desk, the study by Delaware University claims that consuming walnut prevents the production of such chemicals in the body which are likely to harm the cells and leads to barrenness in men.

Infertility and bareness is the inability of a person to reproduce children or conceive in order to carry out a pregnancy fully.

One of the estimate says around three to seven percent people have an unresolved issue of infertility.

The study says that fatty acids are present in the walnut which is beneficial in safeguarding those cells that can lead to infertility in the people.

The research has been conducted on two mice: the first was given walnut while the second was kept on a controlled diet for nearly 11 weeks.

The first group was found healthy in the perspective of fertility while the second group remains infertile and unproductive.

The findings of the study note that those mice which have been given diet based on walnut they had high chances of carrying out reproductive process.


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