We will root out Daesh from Earth: Trump addresses Congress

We will root out Daesh from Earth: Trump addresses Congress www.pakistantribe.com Trump address

WASHINGTON – The US President Donald Trump censures severely the crimes based on hatred across America.

According to PaksitanTribe, while addressing a Congress, Donald Trump says, “Hopes are strengthening which are going to open a new chapter in the greatness of America.

He condemned the recent sabotage activities in the Jewish cemetery and hate based attacks in Kansas where one Indian man had died.

The US President informs, “We the people of America censure hat and crimes.”

In the first ever address to the Congress, Trump also mentions the American decision to back out from Trans-Pacific Business agreements and reiterated to construct a border wall between Mexico and the US.

He explains, “Reforming jobs provision, security measures and the supremacy of rule will pave the way for immigration reforms in the real terms.”

The US President warns to eradicate the evil of Islamic State (IS) from the earth while the hall echoed with sounds of applause.

Trump has been informed by friends and advisers to work on alternative healthcare service of the former President Barak Obama.

He stressed for the need of working collectively for the welfare of the United States of America.

On the other hand, Trump’s rival and a renowned personality Rozi Odinal held a protest demonstration outside the White House.


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