Must know features about new version of YouTube TV

10 must know features about YouTube TV | you tube tv

SAN FRANCISCO – YouTube has just started a new streaming service (YouTube TV) where you can watch the channel of your choice.


Objective of YouTube TV

To create appeal for younger generation, YouTube TV provides news, movies and other interesting programs on users’ choice for free (without subscribing to news channels directly), said YouTube chief executive Susan Wojcicki.

YouTube TV caters particularly to the needs of a new generation and they can watch TV online whenever and wherever they want,” Wojcicki said during a press briefing streamed from YouTube offices in Southern California.

Must Know Features of YouTube TV

YouTube TV intends to mix user-created content from the Google-owned online video sharing service, and then it will be transferred from mobile screen to Television sets.

You Tube service is going to be launched in American and further on it will be made available around the globe.

With this latest YouTube TV services, the user will be able to record unlimited shows via cloud online.

Google Chromecast is going to stream YouTube TV service live on any devices with internet data service.

People in the United State will access to these networks: ABC, CBS, Fox and NBC, sports networks and other popular channels available of cable TV.

Being a largest video sharing portal in the world, YouTube looks eager to leave no stone untouched to get more better position with the launch of new YouTube TV.

Launch Date and Price of YouTube TV

This latest version of YouTube TV is going to be launched in the upcoming month. It will cost $35 You Tube monthly while nearly six user accounts are allowed on a single subscription, which will compete with other Cable operators including skinny bundles from Dish Network’s Sling TV and AT&T’s DirecTV Now.


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