Pervez Musharraf and face expressions

Pervez Musharraf and face expressions | PakistanTribeWhenever I see the anxiety present on the face of Pervez Musharraf I become nostalgic. I remember the day when I saw Pervez Musharraf wearing commando uniform and waving his fist in the air. There was a wrath present on his face. No doubt, he was the ruler of Pakistan.

But again the people of Pakistan witnessed a moment when media showed the ex-ruler of Pakistan on the run from the court with the aid of rangers. Time had changed. Face expressions had changed. The whole situation and its severeness can be judged by the countenances.

When Pervez Musharraf arrived in the country, the circumstances were very critical. There was a tension present between Pakistan and India on the issue of LOC.On the other side Tahir-ul-Qadri was at its peak.There was a common notion present that Musharraf’s arrival would also catalyze the delay in general elections.But nothing happened and general elections were held as planned.

After that a series of cases started against Musharraf and nearly everyday Musharraf was shown visiting the courts.Now being thrown out of the electoral process,Musharraf focused his attention in getting a ‘’clean chit’’ from the courts so that nothing could hurdle his way back to abroad.

Before the general elections Nawaz Sharif had clearly announced to forgive Musharraf.It seemed that there is no hurdle in his way.Even Gen (r) Kiyani had gone to Raiwand to meet Nawaz Shareef personally and to convey him the message of army.The message was very clear.Army was not willing to see Musharraf’s trial in trason case.Musharraf was ex-boss of army and it was untolerable for army to see ex-boss in such a misery.

In most of the cases Musharraf was declared innocent in investigations by different agencies.

But the the petitions and review petitions have also confused Musharraf’s team. The process of Musharraf’s escape is not going to be very trouble-free.

Pervez Musharraf’s convoy suddenly turned to Hospital and people came to know that Musharraf was having some trouble in Chest.Most of the people are of the view that Musharraf is finding a way to escape and the only possible way is through an air ambulance.

Although Prof. Dr Javed Akram has clearly declared that Musharraf can be treated in Pakistan but the report issued by a famous Surgeon has turned the situation.

On Jan 9, 2014, Dr Hashmi, who is the director of Interventional Cardiology, Paris Regional Medical Center, Texas, had recommended that Musharraf “be transferred at the earliest to our medical facility to be provided further diagnostic and therapeutic treatment.”

The said letter was later produced by advocate Anwar Mansoor Khan, a counsel of Mr Musharraf, before the special court which was hearing the high treason case

Former President General (retd) Pervez Musharraf is being strictly guarded by soldiers of the famous 111 Brigade of Rawalpindi Corps outside his special room at the AFIC, according to sources.He has been given a 16 x 16 ft room and has internet service as well as a Plasma TV provided by the hospital. He meets only very close friends and members of his family.But Pervez Musharraf has refused to angiography recommended by the doctors and is insisting to go abroad.It is very humorous to see an ex-chief of army not trusting on an army institution.Sheikh Akram also has pinpointed this thing.

Continous series of unexpected events have proved now that things are not going according to the plan and the sudden twists have put a pressure on Musharraf’s heart.

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