Do you know who is a literate in Pakistan?

Do you know who is literate in Pakistan? | literate pakistan

ISLAMABAD – Globally, a literate person is the one who has the ability to read, write, use math and think rationally, Pakistan still considers a person literate if he can read and write his own name.

According to PakistanTribe correspondent, the developed countries have surpassed many heights in the field of education, inculcating the language, mathematical and critical thinking skills in the students, however the government in Pakistan is pondering over changing its obsolete definition of literacy.

It has been around 19 years since census has not been conducted in the country; therefore the concerned officials have also remained silent over the issue of quality education in Pakistan.

Now the year 2017 is likely to be the year of census and for this purpose the government has incorporated some basic numeracy skills which will be helpful in assessing the children to literate and illiterate.

Today, a literate person is referred as an individual who can read as well as understand a language and has the ability to solve basic math.

Earlier in 1998 a census was held which defined an educated person as having the skill to read the daily newspaper and could write a simple piece of writing.

The former Chairman of Higher Education Commission (HEC) Dr. Atta ur Rehman thinks that Pakistan needs to have a much broader and a comprehensive definition for a literate person.

Alif Ailaan’s campaign director Mosharraf Zaidi laments that it is pathetic to call a person literate if he is merely able to read a newspaper and this is not the right way to assess anyone’s education and skill.

Adult literacy rate in Pakistan (from 10 years onward) stands at 60 percent, as per Pakistan education Atlas 2006, while the global monitoring 2015 calls it 58 percent,

The campaign of the incumbent government ‘Vision 2025’ fixed and planned to acquire a target of 90 percent literacy in Pakistan within the upcoming 8 years.

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