ECO 13th Meeting: ECO has the capacity to strengthen the region: Sartaj Aziz

ECO has the capacity to strengthen the region: Sartaj Aziz | ECO 13th meeting

ISLAMABAD – Adviser on Foreign Affairs Sartaj Aziz says Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO) has the great potential and capacity to strengthen the region, reported.

According to PakistanTribe, Sartaj Aziz while launching the Meeting of the ECO Council of Foreign Ministers (COM) in Islamabad emphasizes the latent potentials and power of the ECO members can be used to strengthen relations in order to improve business.

In order to progress in the field of trade and business, the advisor highlighted that presently many hurdles persist in the mutual cooperation of ECO members which should be removed immediately.

The 13th Meeting of the ECO foreign minister is being hosted by Pakistan on Tuesday (Today).

Sartaj Aziz notes, “A special emphasis should be given to human resources. And we will have to work jointly to deal with the challenges in the field of economy and (terrorism).”

“Improving relations with the member countries will bring progress and success to the region,” he says.

The advisor adds, “The region is faced with several challenges including terrorism and militancy and the member countries will have to overcome these challenges (as well as) removing all the hurdles for the implementation of trade and business agreements.”

For further boost in promotion of business and trade, he explains public-private partnership is necessary in ECO member’s countries.

At least 10 countries including Iran and Turkey are participating in the ECO summit in Islamabad.

Jawad Zarif, foreign minister of Iran stresses on the ECO members to work jointly for the collective well beings and progress of the region, adding all the ECO member countries will have to work on the vision 2025.

The current 13th Summit aimed at reviewing ECO affairs in the light of change development in the region and to tackle social, political and economic transformations.

The new ECO Vision 2025 is also expected to be adopted in Islamabad meetings.

Previously in October 2012, Baku hosted the ECO Summit while the 21 Council of Minister Meeting was hosted by Iran in the year 1013.


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