Fashion King Giorgio Armani revives the skirt-trouser combo in Milan

Fashion King Giorgio Armani revives the skirt-trouser combo in Milan |

MILAN – Italian king of fashion Giorgio Armani brought back the skirt-trouser combo Monday with an autumn-winter 2017 show that wound up Milan fashion week with his trademark elegance.

Black ankle-length pleated skirts came swishing down the runway, only for the models to turn and reveal that they were red trousers from behind. One pair even reversed the look, putting the trousers out front and the skirt behind.

The collection’s colours ranged from ruby red to amethyst purple and emerald green, though Armani’s love-affair with black continues.

Velvet or soft mohair jackets were cut to just below the waist and were largely collarless, worn with velvet trousers to the ankle and velvet or quilted satin slippers.

Skirts were full and sensual, nipped in at the waist and billowing out in satin, with one beautiful silver one paired with a black jacket with a silver dog pattern on it.

The pooch returned on a black top as well as Armani joined other designers this season in putting a playful spin on outfits with animal prints, from bats and foxes at Gucci, to birds at Vionnet, and cats at Dolce&Gabbana.

“Getting dressed,” the designer said in the notes to the show, “becomes a poetic, personal gesture” — which may come as a revelation to those who follow the age-old tradition of simply getting out of bed and putting on clothes.

Blue satin trousers were paired with a black jacket showing off a sliver of navel, and gloves sported wide ruffled cuffs.

A red coat with blue lapels, belt and pockets was followed by its mirror opposite, a blue version with red.

There were a couple of unusual silver or multicoloured mesh shrugs sporting long fringes, but the most eye-catching creation was a sparkling black evening gown which evoked a night sky dotted with stars.

Armani, 82, was in the fashion headlines already Monday after paparazzi at the Oscars went crazy for best supporting actress nominee Nicole Kidman, dressed in his halter-neck nude gown with intricate kaleidoscope beading.

The white-haired designer was all smiles as he came out for his bow and a group photograph with his models.

The sole owner of a group he founded in 1975, Armani — who has no children or obvious heir — created a foundation last year that will be charged with ensuring that the company continues to be run according to his principles in the future.


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