Nearly 10 anti-immigrants assaults a day in Germany: Report

Nearly 10 anti-immigrants assaults a day in Germany: Report | anti-immigrants assaults

BERLIN – At least 10 anti-immigrants assaults recorded a day last year in Germany, the German interior ministry reveals.

In a reply to Parliamentary question, the interior ministry wrote 3553 attacks on refugees and asylum seekers left 560 individuals injured including 43 children in 2016.

According to interior ministry three quarters of violent attacks targeted the immigrants in the areas outside their houses while nearly 1000 instances of targeting refugees at their houses were recorded.

It is reported that 560 people, including 43 children  have been injured in the violent activities in the country.

Since German Chancellor Angela Markel welcomed the immigrants, the number of attacks also surged relatively.

Currently many of the refugees in Germany have requested for asylum while on the other hand there exists a precarious situation where the European believe that a wave of terrorism may perhaps begin.

Statistics revealed by German interior ministry:

  • In 2016, 3553 attacks occurred on the hostels of refugees and those vying for taking asylum.
  • While 2545 attacks have solely targeted the refugees.
  • Nearly 988 attacks were reported on the houses of refugees.
  • And nearly 217 attacks have happened upon those organizations and volunteers who were providing assistance and aid to the immigrants.

However, a reduction has been seen in the arrival of refugees to Germany last year.

In 2015, 0.6 million asylum seekers came to Germany as compared to 2014 which records about 0.2 million.

Experts inform this decrease in the number of immigrants to Germany was due to the closure of all routes to Germany, besides after the agreement between Turkey and European Union (EU), the way to Germany from Bilkan was also closed down.

This matter of refugee will influence the upcoming election in Germany in September, 2017.

However, the year 2015 cannot be compared with 2016 because this year attacks on individuals have risen.


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