Operate, but with Sincerity

Operate, but with Sincerity | PakistanTribeWith every day passing, it seems to be that the Government of Pakistan, headed by PMLN’s Main Nawaz Sharif has made up its mind to carry out, a much needed operations against the militants; and with the latest development they’ve moved an inch closer to building national consensus to carry out affirmative action against terrorists and militants of all sorts.

As reported by main-stream Pakistan media, PML-N parliamentarians vote in majority for operation against Taliban; just short of announcing a full-fledged military operation. My only hope in this regards is that it shall be carried out immediately and with sincerity. Sincerity, which had lacked when the government was given mandate to hold peace talks by all political stakeholders. Although, as a firm believer that dialogue was never an option, especially for those who believe they are above and beyond the realm of state and its constitution, and are divided into countless factions and serve individual motives.

While many knew, the entire concept of “PEACE TALKS” was staged to divert attention from challenges our nation faced, and was a time gaining strategy; as the nation’s heads was looking to dodge there challenges, and today’s reality reflects heavily upon it. Although, the challenges became harsher and more lives were lost in this due process of negligence; from Major General Sanaullah Niazi, to SSP CID Chaudhary Aslam, along with numerous bomb blasts and cracker attacks on various forces and civilians on a daily basis.

Now that government has put forth essential notion of operating to eliminate terrorism to protect country’s future, and ensure stability in the nation. A discreet plan and strategy needs to devised in a timely manner to execute this crucial operation. As it had been reported previously, that Waziristan offensive likely in March; once again the question of sincerity arises; Why wait till March? As the month of January winds down and we approach into February, an elapsed time of 30 + days; is the question mark.

Such a time frame provides ample opportunities for militants to go into hiding, fled to Afghanistan or relocate to different parts of the countries and mask their identities. If such level of sincerity is to be observed; then we are only setting our citizens and our troops up for failure. Likewise, we must learn from 2010 Swat Operation in which many fighters (masked as average citizens) had fled to Karachi and other areas; while no measures were implemented to keep their presence in check.

I solemnly believe this is our house and we must clean it. We can’t wait for the bacteria vested within it to evaporate, nor can we wait for a miracle to occur. Serious measures are needed with sincerity to divulge these security crises. Lastly, this topic or matter isn’t about conducting politics upon, it’s about being sincere to the nation.

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A Michigan based writer, an Accountant, a Socio-Political Cleric. Believes in writing for change.

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