Contagious disease Newcastle kills 45 peacocks

Contagious disease Newcastle kills 45 peacocks & peahens | Newcastle kills 45 peacocks

THARPARKAR – Around 45 peacocks and peahens have died in the district Tharparkar within last weak due to a contagious disease Newcastle ‘Ranikhet’.

According to, in the last 24 hours, Newcastle disease has targeted at least 20 peacocks and peahens in Dplio town of district Tharparkar.

The statement by Wildlife Department explains nine peacocks have been died in the village of Dplio.

The report says 11 other peacocks have become the victim of this dangerous disease in the villages Bakho and Kangless.

The sources inform dozens of peacocks and peahen have been suffering from Newcastle disease.

Though this time the death toll of peacocks surged immediately to 20 deaths within the past 24 hours, but the overall numbers of death reached to 45 in this weak.

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