Sony PS4 sales edge over Microsoft Xbox One in Scandinavia

PS4 and Xbox One availability in Scandinavia As report is out regarding great sales of Microsoft’s Xbox One console, some reports have revealed that company has failed to establish its sales network in Scandinavian region. 

Home to a big number of tech savvies and early adopters with money in pockets to spend on expensive gaming titles, Scandinavian countries have been facing a delay in Xbox One supplies from Microsoft.

Microsoft is not selling the Xbox One officially in the region, Pakistan Tribe has learnt.

“Even some retailers have resorted to retailers in United Kingdom for the import of the console,” gaming industry sources said.

On the other hand, they said, Sony’s PlayStation 4 has the edge over Microsoft’s Xbox One due to its well established sales network in the region.

“PS4 is available widely in these countries,” the sources further said.


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