Nokia’s classic 3310 phone is back

Nokia’s classic 3310 phone is back | Nokia 3310

HELSINKI, (Finland) – The world’s most famous cell phone, Nokia 3310 is back now after 17 years.

Reports say a redesigned version of Nokia’s classic 3310 mobile phone has been launched which will not only recall the old memories but will provide amazing battery timings.

Till 2005, around 126 million models of the phone had been sold out afterwards the company stopped manufacturing the phone.

In 2017, a Finland based company named ‘HMD’ is manufacturing the latest version of Nokia 3310 with some modifications.

According to one of the experts in smart phone industry and trade, this is ‘the best way’ to redesign the classic phone and bring out in the market as competition is on the rise in cell phone companies.

‘Nokia 3310 was the first ever mobile used by the general public and it became popular and memories of the people are attached with it.

Ben Wood from a technology company CCS Insight comments that if MMD Finland based Company introduced any other phone, it would not have received so much popularity in the news world, adding in this regard announcement for this phone was the right direction and it is expected that the cell phone will be sold swiftly.

The old version of Nokia 3310 was introduced in 2000 and after five years the company had stopped its manufacturing.

It is pertinent to mention that Nokia Company does not make any mobile phone now.

The redesigned Nokia 3310 has been introduced as a ‘feature phone’ which will have a limited facility of internet and its camera will be only two megapixels.

But the best thing about this phone is its quality battery timing about which the company says that it can give a standby time of around a month while 22 hours talk time is also be given.

At the time of the launch, the price of the Nokia 3310 was $51.


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