Pakistan cricket in extreme trouble with India ICC plan

Pakistan cricket in trouble with ICC India planLAHORE – International Cricket is disturbed these days due to controversy of ‘ Big Threes.’ 

Now Pakistan is also in extreme trouble.

For the sake of their own financial interests, all Big three nations want to completely dominate the ‘Gentlemen’s Sports.’
These Big three comprise of India , Australia and England.

Former Pakistan Cricketers and Officials are advising the board to refrain from supporting ‘Big Threes’ in ICC meetings.

On the other side , If Pakistan not supports ‘BIG THREE’, it will lose the golden chance to fill the vacant bank accounts by playing series with India and England.

Chairman Zaka Asharf, who is already upset from the court’s notice, has reached Dubai to meet another challenge. India has also clarified that in case of disagreement, it will drop all the ICC events.

India has also lured Pakistan for a series to get the votes.

Former Cricketers are advising continuously to stay away from India’s tactics. Its a Big Big challenge for PCB; either to support India for its controversial statements or lose a chance to fill it’s vacant treasure.

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