Nintendo’s Journey from NES to Wii U – surprise element there?

Nintendo journey from NES to Wii UWith all such buzz on Nintendo’s past, present and future, everyone seems to be penning on the issue. 

Man believe that Nintendo needs some serious change in mindset, marketing and strategy to find its place in the ever changing gaming market. As the smartphone boom has affected the gaming industry too, some suggest the company executive to come with something it has the specialty: The Surprise Element

But ‘The Surprise Element” is really the core of Nintendo?

The analysis below by Klaus Preisinger, a freelance writer, dwells light on it in a bit detailed and coordinated way.

Was the NES surprising?

No, it just had good games and decent power. The only ones surprised were the cult of the “computer games crash of 1984”, which mainly consisted of managers not wanting to believe that people do not want to play shitty overpriced games and instead started a myth of people having lost interest in games, because then they would not be the ones to blame. Meanwhile Nintendo made money selling games which were distinctly not shitty by contemporary standards.

Was the Super Nintendo surprising?

No, it had the fanciest graphics (256 colors) at the time and 3rd party support with more must play games than ever.

Was the N64 surprising?

No, it had 3D, just as expected and it had good first party games. The controller was the first clunky version of what is now expected from a controller. It was a novelty, but it made sense! Since the N64 cartridges could not compete with CDs and 3rd party support was thin.

Was the Gamecube surprising?

No, it did exactly what you’d expected it to do. Be as powerful as a PS2, have 3rd party games and some DVD discs and improve on the rest as well. It still went nowhere, since the PS2 butchered everything at that time. 3rd party support for the Wii also was not as great as to put Nintendo in a competitive spot in all markets.

Was the Wii surprising?

Yes, but not in a positive way. Nintendo certainly wasn’t aiming for people to go past the PS and Xbox section of stores to the place where Wii games were lying around. Again they had a novelty controller, but this time it did not make sense to people and was considered broken by the core gamers. But by god did Nintendo know whom to sell this to. Then Nintendo had another controller and leveraged that. Then even more companies made even more plastic controllers, guitars and drawing boards, until somebody discovered the emperor naked around the time the vitality sensor was announced.

Was the WiiU surprising.

Yes, but not in a good way. The WiiU is the novelty encore controller with the key difference that nobody knows who this thing is aimed at. It does not really make sense and so far Nintendo failed to find people and games for whom this controller makes sense instead. Current TV commercials featuring Steffani Graf and Andre Agassi certainly do not feature the new controller, but rather the old ones. Which is all you need to know.

Meanwhile on the DS systems, Nintendo has something Sony does not have, which is games, games, games, more games, more games and some more games for good measure.


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