‘Eat fruits ten times daily to live long’

‘Eat fruits ten times daily to live long’ |www.pakistantribe.com eating fruits

LONDON – A team of experts say eating fruits and vegetables ten times daily can help people to live a long life.

According to the new research by the London Imperial College that adopting such a healthy food based on vegetables and fruits help in preventing death of 7.8 million people before the specified time.

The experts have also pointed out such fruits which are beneficial in reducing the risk of cancer and other heart diseases.

The analysis reveals that if some specific fruits and vegetables are eaten in a less amount even then they are helpful in healthy lifestyle.

This study has been conducted by studying around 95 various related research data which had present the eating habits of nearly 2 million people.

The data revealed that capsicum, cauliflower and green vegetables prevent cancer.

And in the same manner, apples, pears, salad, sour fleshy fruits and lettuce also reduce the chances of heart disease.

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