Mexico-US wall to be constructed before expected time: Trump

Mexico-US wall to be constructed before the expected time: Trump | Donald Trump

WASHINGTON – The American President Donald Trump says the construction of a wall between Mexico and the US will commence before the expected time.

While addressing the annual ceremony of Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), Trump promised that he would always prefer the American citizens and the wall on the boarder will be ‘a great wall’.

The President explain the wall between the US and Mexico is going to be completed sooner than expected.

He vowed ‘to expel bad people from the country’.

In the annual address of the organization, participants raised their slogans of ‘U.S.A, U.S.A’.

On Friday, Donald Trump has said “We will construct the wall.”

He said, “We are going to start work on the project and it will be completed before the stipulated time.”

The US President commented that he was also working on the complete annihilation of the Islamic State (IS).

He added that foreigner terrorists will not be even able to plan a terrorist attack in the country if they would not come to the US.

He said about his wrong claim regarding Sweden attack that he was heavily criticized on the issue.

Trump said, “I love the people of Sweden and Swedish people know that I am on the right.”

He commented on the Paris attack that one of his friend wanted to go to France but he quit the idea of travelling  there due to the act of terrorism.

When the President just uttered the phrase ‘America  first’, the hall was echoed with a great round of applause.

Donald Trump informed, “It is good to make friendly relations with the world but there does not exist any global anthem, global currency and global flag.”

He added that this is the United States of America which I am representing now rather than representing the whole world.


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