Something is wrong with society if 13 year old explodes himself: Mustafa Kamal

Something is wrong with society if 13 year old explodes himself | Mustafa Kamal

KARACHI – If a 13-year old child carries a suicide jacket and explodes himself, then something wrong must have taken place in this nation and society, laments Mustafa Kamal, leader of Pak Sarzameen Party.

According to PakistanTribe correspondent, Mustafa Kamal requested the government while addressing a press conference to change their directions and involve the community at grass root level rather than keeping the authorities, resources and power to themselves alone.

He asked if 18 out of 20 agenda points of the National Action Plan (NAP) have not been implemented yet than why another operation was launched in the country.

Mustafa hurriedly enumerated the missing and unimplemented part of the NAP including: lack of police reform, inability to mainstream Fata, reformation of seminaries and improving criminal justice system, adding these are the basic elements that helps in eliminating terrorism.

He suggested the political government to investigate the issue that why such a massive number of people in the country are bent upon killing each other.

On a question over the hard use of power, Mustafa Kamal said how an army operation would achieve the target in such a trend when a 12 year of child wears a suicide jacket and explodes him, saying ‘the government should change its direction because an operation is not the solution to the problem.’

Nowhere in the world have operations continued for 25 years, he said; Rangers came to Karachi for six months and extended its duration for 25 years.

The problems of Pakistan can never be resolved unless the government takes the community at the grass roots level on board while Army, Rangers, Military Intelligence, and police cannot resolve the problems.

He asked which stupid will come to Pakistan and will invest in this country where terrorism and militancy is burgeoning; adding where is the economy going?

He also criticized the idea of authorizing the Rangers to conduct operation in Punjab.

The law enforcement agencies only know how to target the suspected person or terrorists, but except that they cannot provide resolve the basic issues including: declining healthcare, chronic unemployment, contaminated drinking water and national disintegration.

Mustafa Kamal questioned if the government has the ability to close down a single madrassah in Pakistan without the support and collaboration of the community where the seminary exist, saying if they cannot do the same then why they go for operation.

He suggested that there is a strong need of taking the society onboard on every single issue concerning them.

And the incumbent government should not restrict power, authority and resources to themselves but it must be extended to the society at the grass root level.


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