Equality & Love: ‘No concept of jurisprudence’ in Sufi shrines

Equality Love: ‘No concept of jurisprudence' in Sufi shrines |www.pakistantribe.com Love and equality

JAMSHORO – Dressed in the festival costumes, the couple enters into the main hall after passing through a security check and then starts praying.

Meanwhile, the mother of a groom also began to feel like weeping.

A bridegroom named Mehboob Ali came to Sehwan Sharif directly from Hyderabad, accompanying  his bride for ‘Nikaah’ ritual as part of the marriage from his hometown.

Earlier, Mahboob’s mother had prayed in the shrine if her son gets a marriage partner then she will come back again along with the bride and bridegroom to spread a ‘Chadar’ on the Sufi shrine, Lal Shahzaz Qalander.

While the unfortunate incident occurred. On February 17, this family came to the Sufi Shrine for covering the shrine with a traditional ‘Chadar’ but before that they were absorbed in praying in the Hall when a suicide attack ripped through the Sufi shrine, leaving 90 people dead.

It is said that people from various sects, religion and nations have been among the dead including three non-Muslims.

Syed Wajid Ali who belongs to Multan said that all the leaders of the Sufi shrines have preached the lesson of peace and humanity, adding “there is no concept of jurisprudence here, but all are equal in this shrine.”


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